Published works

Blind Ambitions:
Life and Faith from the Eyes of a Blind Man

Poetry from the perspective of a blind man on a faith journey. Blind Ambitions is now available both as an e-book and in paperback on Amazon.
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Poetry from 2015 as a result of a New Year's Resolution that will make you laugh, cry make you look deeper into your soul and will encourage you and give you hope. Resolutions book 1 ebook released on Amazon May 1st. Amazon Logo

Resolutions: Book II

This book contains poetry from May to August of 2015. Poems included in this volume deal with heartbreak, faith and friendships. It is a search through the highs and lows of emotion, the mountain peaks and valleys of faith. It reaches into the imagination of the absurd and delves into the depths of doubt.
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Resolutions: Book III

The third volume in a series of poetry written in 2015. Poems vary in topics from broken heartedness to love. From faith to doubt and about family and friends. Thought provoking poetry that will inspire the reader. Upon reading you will possibly see yourself. You may find hope and encouragement within these covers. You will be entertained or enlightened.
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Leftovers & Concoctions:
Selected Poems

Within these pages you will find humor, pain, and heartaches. You will experience vision through the eyes of the blind and come to see things in a different way.
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Word Gardens

A gathering of thought provoking poetry that may challenge you, that might entice you, and maybe even plant some ideas within you.
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From Somewhere Deep Within

A collection of poetry from deep within the heart, mind, and soul of a man struggling to find his way through life as a visually impaired individual.
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The Year to Remember: A Poetic Retrospect

The Year to Remember is the first in a two-book collection of poetry written during 2020. The poetry within will show the struggles of the "normal" everyday realities of life. You will read of, love, sadness, hope and disappointment, of anger and joy. The poetry within these pages will remind you, the reader, life still goes on, regardless of what it throws at you.
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A Year to Forget: A Poetic Retrospect

A Year to Forget is the second in a two book collection of poetry written during 2020.
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Positively Negative Poetry

Positively Negative Poetry demonstrates the author's "bright side of things" approach to daily living, drawing from everyday situations that most people can relate to.
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Alone on a Train of Thought

"Alone on a Train of Thought" is a collection of poetry written entirely in 2022, exploring the depths of the human experience in three distinct sections.
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Collaborations & Anthologies

The World in our Words

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Alchemy and Miracles:
Nature Woven Into Words

83 poets weave the miracles of nature into words.

In this carefully chosen collection, you will find beauty, humour, grief, longing and joy. Wonderfully readable, these poems will inspire you to explore nature with a poet's eye, and discover a myriad of places and viewpoints to delight in.

The perfect lakeside or bedside companion.
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Upcoming Works


The memoir is now looking for beta readers. Feel free to contact me for more information.